“Not-So-Nice Feelings” in Latvia

It’s already my seventh week in Latvia, and three weeks to go. I caught a cold earlier this week, but I managed to go to school regardless of that.

This week consisted mostly of drawing and painting, but next week I might finally be able to start doing the motion-capture movements for my 3D animation project. I have already done an animatic video which is like a sketch of the final work. I have done four different versions of it. If you want to see the latest one, here is the link to the video.

Now that I’ve been here for such a long time, it could be good to write about not-so-nice feelings when studying fine arts abroad, or being far from home generally. First of all, homesickness is something I didn’t believe to be having, but I should have known how inevitable that is. During my first weeks I was so busy at trying to adapt with this new school and it’s atmosphere that I forgot to miss Finland, my friends and family. After starting to get used to daily life, I could notice how slowly I started to get tired of being in a different country. Luckily, that feeling doesn’t last for long, but it will come again sometimes.

The second feeling that I sometimes struggle with is the feeling of not being good enough. It’s been only a couple of years since I really started to improve my drawing skills, so I have a lot to learn. Of course I always try my best and I enjoy good criticism and advice, but sometimes I can’t help feeling incompetent of being a good visual artist in the future. This kind of feeling is normal but it needs to stop before you start to dwell in self-pity. Actually, I believe that there is no such thing as being good or bad; all that matters is how much you are willing to stand up despite all the downfalls that occur. Experiences bring us here and make us who we are. Besides, it would be boring if everyone learned exactly same things in the exact same way, right?

That is all for this week. Let’s keep our heads up and come back here on next Friday!