Time for the exhibition!

Under the Layers.

That is the name that I gave to my exhibition that includes a set of prints and some sewed Japanese paper.

I spent 6 weeks in Oslo Graphic Barceloneta and learned to use an art graphic method, serigraphy. During those six weeks I had to get an idea for an exhibition of my own. I wanted it to be something more personal. I also felt that it had to be connected to my time in Barcelona


Taking photographs is something I enjoy.

I got my first camera when I was 14 years old. It was quite poor digital one that I got as a souvenir but I learned a lot by using it. Since that first camera I’ve been curious about learning more ways to look trough the lence.

When I started my project I got the idea using photos from Barcelona. I ended up taking street photography kind of photos which are something ”safe” and pleasing for me. I scanned my films and sat down with my mentor in the studio. We went trough my pictures and there was only one picture that really mattered to me (and her) – the picture of my bed.

This mentor happened to be a photographer herself so it felt great to change thoughts when it came to my way to take photos and think about the proces. In some point I ended up feeling a bit overwhelmed by the fact that right now this bed made me feel like it was the only intimate and comforting space that I had in the city. I knew so little about the city itself, I didn’t speak the language and I lived in a room that was used as an active living room space. It felt like I had no control over anything. You really understood the value of your own private space where to feel like home. My 4m2 sided bed felt like the size of my new home.

Playing with possible prints. What should I have in the serie?

It was the next morning after I had a chat with my mentor. I woke up and there was this absolutely beautiful sunlight filling my room. Light came trough a massive window that I had right next to my bed and it made my blanket look like a desert. I loved all the shadows that this strong light just created. I was still waking up but I ended up taking photos right away and I spent one roll of film. I wanted to capture parts of this light, shadows, my rituals and something that felt peaceful to me.


Print from my serie. It is my bed after a night.


What does my bed mean to me?

It is a nonverbal safe ground. Place to breath peacefully, trust that you’re safe and okay before falling asleep. There are rituals before the bed. There are rituals even after the bed. These rituals are always pretty much the same. We rebuild this mental safe and calming space where ever we go to spend our night to and even then we have the rituals. My home’s core is the bed.


Print from a serie. This is me sitting on my bed and getting ready for disappearing under the blanket.

I printed a serie of 7 pictures and they created a timeline. I had my pictures hanging on one side of the exhibition space. On the other side of the same room I had an idea of a bed. I got inspired by the haptic feel of Japanese paper which felt moldable because of it’s strong fibers. It had something that reminded me of fabrics. I have a background from fashion studies and I enjoy sewing so I ended up making a pillowcase and a blanket by using this inspiring paper material.

We put a minimalistic white shelf over the bed and lighted up a white candle on it when the exhibition opened it’s doors.

Bed made of paper.

This was the last update from my time in Barcelona!

If you feel like working with manual printing, great colors or just to learn one method from art graphic, serigraphy could be an option. I skipped this “using great colors”-part but I made a serie from every picture, learned the method itself and worked with very tricky papers. Serigraphy is not just this look that I have in my pieces. It is quite a variety of different kind of ways to sink into it. Go google it! 🙂