Third week – Reykjavik



It was my first week in the textile department. We started with print making. Apparently it is a new course for all of the students. The teacher really wanted us to have inspiration behind all of our works and show it on paper. It was quite difficult to gather all the information to appear when usually its all inside the head. The library has been on a good use once again.



The inspiration behind my prints is Harpa the concert hall in Reykjavik. It represent modern architecture with its geometric shaped glazes and steel frames which are inspired by Icelandic landscape. I like how its combines geometric and abstract shapes that really remind me of Icelandic nature. They are continuous but different and perfectly unite together. Northern lights are the inspiration behind the colors of the building. The way they have used different colors in the glazes stands out nicely. It also looks nice in the evening when it gets dark and the lights go on.




On Friday we had an exhibit where we showed our works to the teachers and for the whole class. It was nice to see what everybody had come up with in a week even though I didn’t understand what they were saying. I am going past the subject here but icelandic language is very difficult to understand. There is some words here and there that I understand but mostly it is just continuous gibberish to me.

Next week we will scan the prints to computers and print them on canvas. It is completely new technique to me so I am excited to learn it.