third week in wolverhampton

Dear readers


This week l continued to working on front of the house. On Monday there was many lovely people at the art gallery one woman asked during the conversation what “Thank you” would be in Finnish so l said “Kiitos” and she learned it and l was surprised how good and correct her pronunciation was. although many people are nice and wait me to get them the answers they are looking for, if l don’t know it myself, some people just disappear at the time l am asking others if they know the answer this makes me little sad. but on Friday there was this lovely guy, who asked where he Gould find the wolf statues and l showed him the gallery room where they were held. (Wolf statues are these mini Wolfs that are designed by artists and schools and are display on art gallery’s ground floor. there are also 30 big wolf statues each differently designed and placed around the town. you can use a map to find them all and figure out the riddle. l hope l can bring myself to find them all someday.) he also asked where to find wandering wolf, that changes location every week in the town. l didn’t know where it was, but l went to ask from the box office and they gave me an address witch l asked them to write it down since l still cannot remember or pronouns some street names correctly. Then l went back and gave it to him. he was super happy and things like this make me really happy too. it’s always great feeling when you can help others.

  During the week there visited some student groups. And l also finally figured out where l can read what time l would go to eat and what time l would get off. l have also watched how and when other staff has been taking old exhibition down and replacing it with a new one. and learned that it takes some time to take down and wrap everything properly in layers and layers of bubble wrap and concentration so nothing gets broken.

when we walked through the gallery on upstairs my coworker showed me how in one painting the painter has used same models many times witch l didn’t notice until it was pointed out. there is also this one painting which reminds me of art rules how colors reflects on skin etc. and it’s cool when you can just watch a painting and recall things you have learned in art class and study that way.

That’s all about from this week weather has been sunny, rainy and super windy but that’s okay see ya next week.

Best regards: Veera