Third week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week there were many visitors at the Art Gallery. I guess it’s because of the spring break. There were also some activities for children. On Tuesday was ‘Sunny Bunny Fun Day’ which contained craft activity and mini zoo. I think I was as excited as kids to see all those snakes, frogs and other little animals. Definitely the best thing that happened this week was when I got to hold of one of the snakes!


There have been new volunteers almost every day. It’s great because I can get to know different kind of people with different backgrounds. Volunteers and other workers have made my workdays a bit more fun and interesting.

On Saturday I decided to go to Birmingham. It’s surprisingly easy to travel here. Birmingham is bigger place than I expected and I got lost all day. I was planning to go to see art galleries there but I forgot to because it was really hectic day. Maybe I’ll go back someday. But I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens and I couldn’t be happier!