Third week in Slovakia


Sorry I haven’t been writing about last week..

So, Monday to Thursday was kind of same than last week. Every day we went to the shopping center and then to work and there we shot news and that’s it.

Friday morning we left to the high Tatras to štrbske Pleso with Walter and his wife. There we went to the hostel and slept the night well.

In Saturday morning we left to Solisko (a mountain in High Tatras) with two students from the school. There we went up with a skiing elevator to about 1840 meters. Then we decided to climb a little higher (we tried to get to the top of Solisko). We climbed for half an hour and I ended up to about 2000 meters (not to the top). It was amazing! I’m so happy I did it even though I didn’t make it to the top. It was very hard to climb because there was snow everywhere. A lot.
The mountain climbing took an hour to climb up and down. Then we took an elevator back down.

After that we just walked around Strbske Pleso and went to eat to another city with a train.

Sunday morning we tried to find a place where we can find food and soda. Unfortunately we managed to find a place that opens up at 3 p.m. Well, we slept until 3 pm and then we went to the store to get something to eat.
At 4:30 we left the hostel and drove back to Košice. On the way home we stopped to eat and we tried some local foods. I took a soup because I wasn’t feeling so good. It was salty but because of my condition I couldn’t eat it..
We were back to the dormitory at the evening and talked about the trip.

The week was awesome, I’m happy we got a chance to go to the High Tatras, it was an amazing experience.