Third Week in Latvia

I didn’t have school on Monday or Tuesday because it was still Easter break. During that free time I worked on my composition and relaxed at the dorm. On Wednesday I had a couple of drawing lessons and then some photography. During drawing classes I finished my work so that I could start a new one the next time. It’s still not entirely complete but the face is done and that’s the most important part anyway. In photography class we photographed still lives.

On Thursday I had technical drawing and abstract composition. In technical drawing I went to the stair case with glass walls to sketch buildings with two point perspective. I was really struggling with that – things weren’t adding up. I couldn’t stay long in abstract composition class because I was going to be interviewed on Skype for my school’s Internationality Day, so I’ll make some sketches at home instead. The Skype interview went fine and took less time than expected.

On Friday I had drawing, technical drawing, and sculpture. In drawing class I started working on the new task, which was to draw another head statue on gray paper with gray and white pencil. It started out really well. In technical drawing I continued my two perspective piece, still struggling; erasing everything and starting over a couple of times. The teacher came to check up on me and told me that I was perhaps worrying too much about what the end result was going to look like and suggested I stop erasing my work and make several sketches around the paper instead. She was right, of course, I do worry too much. Though some things are still not making sense, having a permission to make several smaller sketches and compare them did help. In sculpture class I continued my piece from last week with no guidance whatsoever. I didn’t really mind though, I was content working by myself and didn’t really need any help anyway.

During the weekend I’ve been working on my compositions and done some shopping.

On Wednesday I actually did remember to take a picture of the drawing I finished, but I can’t seem to transfer any pictures I took to my computer. Well, better luck next week!