Third week in Hungary

Oh, was it really my third week here? Can’t believe that time flies so fast – seems I have arrived here yesterday and I still have a lot of time to discover not only the hidden gems of the city, but also professional photographer’s profession. But it is nearly a month left before my flight back to cold nothern country. And it is still warm here – up to 10 degrees!

This week was practically spent at work, and now I know how tough a photographer’s job can be. Strangely, but I have imagined it in a slightly different way, and maybe, it is always like this. I mean that before trying we tend to imagine everything differently, but it can turn out to be more or less difficult and so on. So now I am so glad that I have an idea about being a portrait photographer.

First two days of the week were slightly crammed up with clients and work, as in the studio was held a business photoshoot, for all employees of the company. I was acting as an assistant. The next day was a group photoshoot, there I found enough courage to suggest to the models to jump, and it was kind of fun, at least I hope that it was. During Thursday we had boudoir photosession. Friday and Saturday were the days of family phtosessions, as well as on Friday they were accompanied by maternity photoshoot. So a lot of work, and now I am buried again under a thousands of pictures 🙂

Finally climbed at the Gellert Hill and enjoyed the magnificent scenery from the 235m large hill. However weather was a bit rainy and cloudy, so I need to wait for more sunny day in order to do that again. And I had thought that it would be more tough.. Luckily it wasn’t so scary at all.

Yesterday was my first concert here, and I’m so happy! Got the email address of the band, so I kinda trying to conquer a new country 🙂 This time my pics will go to Ireland, as band Otherkin is from there. Haven’t looked at them yet, but surely there will be something nice, I know!

Some photos of my “project” about tourists.


Some more street pictures:

And architecture:

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