The way of learning

Hi there,

Wow. What a time it has been. Never could I have thought, moving to a city that I’m already familiar with, would bring me some much headache. I have extremely hard nearly five weeks behind and as I’m half way the trip now, I really hope I have overcome whatever difficulties life would bring me here. Even though it’s been though, it’s been extremely instructive. I’ve learned here so incredibly much.

We ended up having to move four (4) times with Mymmeli, until we finally ended up to our current flat. I ended up having to exceed my budget by far and we ended up with barely any extra for living but at least we have a permanent place to live now. Moving to this didn’t go all perfectly either, as I started finding tremendous cockroaches around the apartment in the middle of our first night. That night I said a farewell to a good night sleep but we’ve come a long way since then and now we are living all peacefully together. Me, Mymmeli and some random roaches here and there, who get lost in their way, wherever they are hiding..

After the living situation was settled and I was able to start working properly, I have more or less painted my entire time. We have not been singing the same song all time with my employers, as we were having a big difference in our views what I was doing. Finally we brought the cat on the table and were able to settle some clear guidelines on my internship. As it’s all new to work in this kind of environment and being quite perfectionist like me each project has taken a lot of time. This has made me work extremely long days to keep my employers happy, as they have been used to having fast pieces here and there, and this has been all new to them also.


Here is a second piece I did:



This, third one, is almost ready now. Just finished the last paintings today and now it just needs to be taken out all the tape. Here is a couple of pictures after each day. This took me a bit over a week with working 10 hour days. I’m so glad it’s done now, and I can finally move on to a next one..




How do you like them, any comments?

Now we’re off to get some ice cream and then get back to the flat to start sketching the next piece. I’m really hoping my next piece would really be something a bit less laborious, as I feel all the time kind of pressure to deliver the pieces on a faster tempo. This is what I love to do and I could spend all the time in the world to it, but in order to get the projects done, some time limits are necessary. I feel like art cannot be hurried, but sure it’s a thing to learn, not to get too carried away with the process but to stick with the plan and run through it. I think that is one of the biggest things I am learning during this internship. I have always had so many ideas running around my head but it gets problematic when I would need to stick on a single idea, and keep the others on hold. But as said, here I’ve definitely learned the importance of planning and how much it will later on save you time to put some more time on planning before starting the piece itself.


Today I probably would’ve spend some hours more at the hostel but I had to get back to my flat as my landlady was coming to install a new dining table. I smiled and told them with my broken Spanish how beautiful the new table was, but to be honest, I kinda liked the old wooden one better. But I cannot really be bothered which table I eat my quick breakfast from before I rush back to the hostel in the mornings. A good thing is she made me leave the hostel before nighttime, which hasn’t happen too often lately. Tomorrow I might take a day off, that would be a third one in nearly five weeks…so yeah, maybe I should give my brains some rest.

Off we go.

Hasta luego,