sixth week in wolverhampton

Dear readers hello again.


This week started by crafting and looking for a easy and quick Halloween crafts. (Masks, spiders, haunted house out of shoe box, etc.) tuesday my teacher came to visit there and Thursday we kept a little meeting to report how my on the job learning experience has gone. witch has gone really good and l received top score from that too. l was really happy about that. l also made little display with my coworker for my Halloween crafts for the crafting event that is coming up later. Then l looked up photos of old kid shows like (the clangers, thunderbird, ivor the engine, ect.) and after that l made inspired by the clangers some finger puppet kid toy. and then a space ship on thunderbirds l chose to try to make the 3 th space ship but it was really a challenge so l wasn’t able to finish it on the first day.

then on the weekend we went to witcik manor with my teacher. it was super cool place learned a lot from the house tour and it was super beautiful old house. sunday l spent with my new flat mates they were so nice.

see you next time

(l tryed to wait that l could add some pictures but they seem to be too big l dont know g´how to get them here so l may add pictures later.)