Sixth week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week has been just crafting and planning my Vocational Skills Demonstration, so I haven’t done anything new. Everything has gotten easier as days go by because I’ve finally learned how most of things work in my workplace. I don’t need as much help with my projects and tasks. It’s really nice because I don’t want to be asking about every little thing all the time. I like to be as independent as I can, I guess it’s just the way that Finnish people are.

I’ve made different kind of templates and other crafts all week and I really like doing those. The crafting part is just cutting and cluing pieces together but I enjoy it. The best part is to improve the templates and think how I could do it more interesting and easier. It’s kind of like I’m trying to remember what I liked doing when I was a kid. I haven’t crafted anything in so many years, so that’s all about finding information, trying out different materials and techniques and that way improving templates.

This week I finished my mosaic project, so I and my workplace instructor decided to clue it together. We needed to flip the mosaic upside-down but when we tried it, it all fell apart and all the pieces flied everywhere. It was so tragicomic that I couldn’t do anything else than laugh. My workplace instructor wondered about my reaction, but things happen. Crying or being mad about it isn’t going to make it better so why not just laugh about it. We picked up all the pieces and decided to call it a day.

I can’t believe that I have only two weeks left. Tomorrow I have my Vocational Skills Demonstration and I’m a bit nervous about it. I think it will be just fine but the first time in my life I have no idea how my assessment will turn out. But at least I know I have done my best.