Sixth Week in Latvia

This has been a really good week. I managed to finish the works I’ve been doing in printmaking and sculpture and will be starting new ones next time.

I settled on a sketch for abstract composition and can start painting it now.

I finally decided to step up my game when it comes to homework and finished my composition ahead of time. Now I think I’ll be able to focus on some projects of my own as well, because while I did get a new composition assignment, I’m supposed to paint it outside so I’ll have to finish it within one session anyway.

I also did my photography homework and, to my surprise, actually got really into it. The teacher didn’t show up for the lesson though, so the pictures will have to sit on the camera roll for another week.

On Saturday I met up with some friends and navigated Riga’s nightlife a little bit.

The only thing that did not go so well was my computer graphics lesson on Monday. I was given a new task which was to make a poster about the subject “me and social media”. I have no clue what I’m expected to do with this assignment. Luckily I have Monday off so I won’t have to face that reality for another week.

It also seems that I am finally able to transfer pictures from my phone to my computer again, so I’ll be sharing some of my works during the following weeks.