Sixth Week in Emerald Island

So Monday, Tuesday were normal days as another Mondays and Tuesdays.

Wednesday was kinda different. Firstly I went and did sounds for my animations, for animal sounds I asked my friend to make them. She did and I’m so proud of her because of that. And our lift usually leaves 16.15-16.30 but Wednesday we left 17.30. maybe even later. But it was nice :).

Thursday I tried to import sound in Toon Boom. They didn’t work. Aaand I found I had downloaded Quicktime but I haven’t installed it…. Sooo… Maybe that is why my toon boom doesn’t work properly. I installed and tried toon boom again. I got it working :D!!! Now I have made my animation ready and put it in youtube. I will put the address here at last week because I will need have it still judges by teachers :’3.

Our Easter break starts next week :3 can’t wait.