Second week

(it means hi)

So, what have we done in here?

In the morning we went to the school and we helped Walter to move some tables in the videostudio. After that we were free until five o’clock. At five we went to the working place (Košice:DNES) as usual and there one of us got to shoot the news.
That’s the tv studio where they shoot the news! ?

Again, in the morning we went to the school and this time Walter teached us how to use one of the cameras. We went outside and shooted some material so Walter could see what we can do. Then we had some freetime again. And at five we were at the tv-studio again. If I remember right it was my turn to shoot the news and boys went to shoot some event at the town.

Our workday started at five so we had a long morning. At four we went to the city centre to Aupark (Shopping centre). It has become sort of a ritual to us to go to Aupark before we go to work. Don’t know why..
Anyway, at five we went to the tv studio and one of us shooted the news as usual. Rest of us just sat there and watched.

Same as Wednesday. We went to work and shooted some news and went home 🙂
Our workdays are from 5 pm to 7 pm.

We lost our internet connection, so we spent the morning at shopping centres. I wanted to buy a new book because of the internet.. I had nothing to do unless I was reading a book. Then we went to work at five pm 🙂

“Our internet doesn’t work” day two.. Again we spent some time at the shopping centre..
In the evening we went to the city centre and there was a concert. In Košice there’s a festival called moonride scandi (2. – 5.3.2017). There’s different kind of concerts and art exhibitions and stuff like that. So Saturday there was a girl and a guitar from Island! It was great! 🙂

“Our internet doesn’t work” day three.. 😀
The technician said he would come today and fix the problem, but well.. He didn’t get to Košice that evening so he never showed up 😀 In the evening we went to the city centre again and there was another concert. A band called MoE from Norway. You can check it from the internet if you’d like to know what kind of music they play. I personally didn’t like it so much so we stayed there for half an hour and then got something to eat and went to the dormitory.

So, that was the second week in Košice. It has been interesting and fun in here 🙂
The weather has been nice, warm and sunny. Of course it has rained a little but I don’t mind. There is no snow at all!

I hope it’s been a good week there in Finland and of course the other countries where people are! 🙂