Second week – Reykjavik

Throwing – Glazing – Drawing


This week has been full of new information. I started to develop in throwing since I got very good advises from the teachers. The key to throwing is concentration. It’s a slow progress but very rewarding. It has sense of peacefulness that I really like. Following how the clay changes by the tiniest touch is appealing.




I also got a change to do my own glazes. There is many books in the library where you can find recipes to make glazes. It’s an interesting progress. First you need to put different kind of chemicals in a bowl and add water. The texture should be like yogurt. Then the mix is sifted and ready to be used to the test pieces. The color of the glaze is very different before its burned. So you can see the final results only after the come from the oven. I am excited to see how my glazes turn out.




On Friday I had a drawing class. The class challenges to keep a journal to draw everyday. At the beginning of each class we look at all of our works and discuss them. It’s nice change to do something as familiar as drawing since everything else is quite new to me.