Second week in Wolverhampton

Dear readers


I have been working these first two weeks at the front of the house.  My job description has includes greeting and helping customers who visit at the art gallery. (to find to the cafe/box office/toilet/etc.)  My working outfit is all black other vice it´s really casual.

First week at work started pretty good. First thing was to deliver my papers to my supervisor.

l had many lovely and funny conversations with visitors and with the staff, people are so nice here, so its easy to fit in. During conversations l have learned many new words and their meanings. l have also cleaned puppet room and dinosaur art room after kids have played there, and helped to look after things while staff has built up new showcase on dinosaur art room or watched piles of chairs so kids don´t climb on them and informed staff if something in the gallery is out of it´s place.

Second week went by really quickly. l met new people and helped to get tables ready for some event. Once at the art gallery had animal man show in there and lot of cute animals. So l got to watch over the animals once animal man was on his lunch brake and little bit of turtle who wanted to get away.

Sorry for writing these two for the one and half weeks got little confused, what to write since first week nothing happened bot for now l will write one week at the time.

Until next time! Veera Pelkonen~