Second week in Wolverhampton, UK

Monday was my first day working in the Art Gallery. The first assignment was to help organize a mosaic workshop for a school group. Even though they were a bit loud and energetic it was fun to see what kind of creations they made. After that I was introduced to the Art Gallery’s exhibitions and things that I needed to do on typical workday.

I have been in the front of house this week. My job is to help people and to show where the toilets or café is. First it was pretty difficult because I did not know where everything was but within a week I learned a lot. It’s great to be able to help and advise people in simple matters as well. And I really like being in front of the house, especially in TV puppet’s and Clangers, Bagpuss & Co’s exhibitions, because people are always smiling when they see nostalgic characters from their own childhood.

I’ve been quite tired after workdays because of all the walking and standing. I think part of the tiredness is also due to speaking a different language. I’m still thinking in Finnish and translating everything I speak in English, so I consume much more energy in here than I would at home. Fortunately, I have a lot of time to sleep because work starts usually at 10:15.

On Saturday I was helping with Garden in a Glass workshop. In the course children were allowed to decorate a glass bowl where they planted a sunflower. I had many lovely conversations with the tutor and people who joined the workshop. I was told that my pronunciation is good and understandable which made me a bit more courageous to speak English. I also got my own ‘Garden in a Glass’ to take home! Now I can watch it grow as the spring moves forward.