Second Week in Latvia (Easter Break!!)

My second week at Janis Rozentals Riga Art High School started with some painting classes where I began painting a still life. I was a little confused at first, not having painted any still lives in a while but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I had my painting technique challenged a lot, which is good, since I expect to learn and improve my skills during my time here.

After painting I had a few hours of graphic design in my schedule. During these classes me and the other exchange students did some portrait photography and image editing. Neither of those are my strengths so I was a bit nervous at first. While we do have photography and image editing classes at Lybecker as well, I’m not so nifty with cameras and my Photoshop skills are quite elementary. There were some problems and confusion, yes, but with a little help I managed to figure out most of it.

On Tuesday I continued painting the still life from the previous day and after that we had a couple of printmaking lessons where i resumed the task from last week (I forgot the name of the technique immediately after I heard it). It seems that I’ll probably get to print it the next time. In composition class the teacher looked at my sketches and gave me a piece of cardboard so that I could start the painting at home.

On Wednesday we had drawing and digital image editing. In drawing class I continued drawing the statue from last week and in digital image editing we tried some cool new photography techniques and proceeded editing the pictures taken last week.

Because of Easter, we had the rest of the week off. School won’t start again until next Wednesday which makes the break two days longer than what we have in Finland. On my free time I have done some shopping, visited a couple of art exhibitions (I was delighted to find out the tickets to the art museum are free for art students), and treated myself to some good vegan restaurants. I’ve also been meaning to start painting the composition that is my homework but I keep procrastinating; good thing I still have more than a week before the next composition class.

I keep forgetting to take pictures of my works at school but I’ll post some as soon as I remember!