Second week in Emerald Island

So yeah, sorry this is little bit late ;P. My week has been calm at least and very clear days. Like there hasn’t been like at all raining well maybe little bit, but then I am already inside :D.

Monday we went with Anna at the school look how media class looks like in here. Well because teacher wasn’t like.. informed he didn’t know what to do with us so we just (or me) started to do my animation.

Tuesday we stayed in apartment and were doing the animation in there. We went shop to buy food… If I remember right. I have done my animation, slowly but surely. I’m stuck in this one place because I don’t know if I can make it… look right. Still have to try do it. I’m like half way there :’D.

Any other day were like the last weeks. Well expect we went to McDonald’s. Food wasn’t exactly different, but it tasted still kinda different. I haven’t decided if it was good or not. Gotta go again there :).


Sunday we went to Bunratty Castle and Cliff of Moher. It was amazing, though I was little bit dissapointed when Bunratty Castle’s sightseeing wasn’t what I expected. There should have been Irish wolf hounds but I was told they had died :(. I would have wanted to see them.) Here is some pictures of Sunday day: