Second week in Budapest


Good evening from Budapest!

This week wasn’t so full on events, especially if to consider my working practice. I was

almost free, not bearing in mind editing – and I really don’t know the quantity of pictures I have now, maybe I should count them. Weather was nice more often than it could be, so I spent a lot of time outdoors strolling around Budapest and trying to know it better. Met some new people, who acted like a “victims” for me and my camera and, hopefully, will be able to take more photos of them while I am still here!
Finally saw The Parliament at night, ok not at night, but after dark – it is really magnificent! Was on the other side two times – on the Buda side, however, the Gellert hill is still unexplored. And it should be done before it gets snowy and slippery or climbing to the a 235 m high hill shall be tough.
As a diligent photography student went to Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest – arrived earlier than it was opened and spent about 20 mins outside. There is a permanent exhibition of Robert Capa’s photos “Capa in Israel” where photos from Capa’s trip to Israel (1948-1950) are presented. It is always interesting to see how it was to live in the past, how they took these pictures, trying to analyze photos – this time wasn’t an exception. It was great to see works of that famous Hungarian photographer.
And also there I attended another exhibition – Viewfinders about Hungarian photography 1967-2017. Even wrote down some of the names, and maybe I will attach some of their photos here.
Thinking about doing some photography project about tourists, because I have been struggling a lot from them, so why not to use it to my advantage. I mean, when you want to take a picture and you are searcing for the best angle, there is always someone who will bother you – stand in front of the camera, or will be remaining on the same place after taking photo. So, I hope I will be able to shoot that. Moreover, I’ve started to film today, hopefully I will make some video too. However, internet connection isn’t quite good here, so maybe I will upload it some day. Now I think that I will make two videos – one about Szentendre and other about Budapest, but let’s see.
Yesterday at the studio we had photosession of another two families. The first on has consisted of mother and two children and their grandmom, and other – mother and daughter, and as I understood it was kind of birthday present to the girl. I was acting like a second photographer and I certainly have this feeling that I need to obtain somehow a new camera with a lens. So, I have only one problem – to find that large amount of money…
Later on that day, we prepared lighting to the Monday’s business photoshoot and were attending a wedding exhibition in order to watch a photographers competition.
Trying to find about an opportunity to shoot during concerts here, hopefully I will be also able to do what I love.
I shall add pics a bit later to this post.


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