SATAEDU Vocational Institute

SataEdu vocational institute

Satakunta Institute of Arts and Crafts (SKTO) offers upper secondary level education in the field of culture. There are ca. 195 students in the Institute.

In addition to arts and crafts, SKTO trains professionals in the different fields of communication: movies, television, computer animation and graphic design. Students of SKTO have gained both national and international recognition with their work.

In the autumn of 2004, SKTO started open university media studies in co-operation with the University of Lapland and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. There are also plans for international studies co-ordinated by the University of Lapland.

The aim of SKTO is to develop into a centre of expertise in the communication industry and to expand its international networking. Therefore the Institute is looking for European partners for educational and cultural co-operation programmes.