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Janis Rozentals Riga Art High-school

Janis Rozentals Riga Art High school provides education in accordance with the regular high school curriculum augmented by classes in drawing, painting, composition, sculpture, photography, computer design, graphic arts and video. After completing the combined three-year high school and art program, students can choose to continue their studies in one of the following specialties:


• Arts: specialty – Illustrator.

4th year students specialize in painting, graphic arts or sculpture.


• Visual communications art: specialty – Multimedia Designer.

4th year students specialize in 2D digital design, video art, 3DM digital design, animation or web design.


• Visual communications art: specialty – Fine Art Photographer.

4th year students specialize in fine art photography.


Strengths of our school:

School has a long tradition and focus to provide high level art education;

Art teachers are professional artists;

Art subjects range from academic (e.g. drawing, painting) to contemporary (e.g. conceptual composition, 3-D animation, video art);

The goal is to expose the students to a variety of art disciplines which allows the students to choose what they like;

School tries to teach skills that help students find employment in creative industries;

JRRAHS is an active participant and organiser of various exchange projects, and local as well as international exhibitions. Also is a member of EU associated projects.


Contact information:

Address: 2a Hamana Street,
Riga LV-1007, Latvia
E-mail: info@jrrmv.lv
Phone: +37167601783
Fax: +37167614709
Webpage: www.jrrmv.lv

School video: http://youtu.be/Xeyu-tpmlVU

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