Landstede, Zwolle

42 locations; 8 organisations (Landstede School of Vocational Education,Thomas a Kempis College, Landstede Education for Adults, Landstede Welfare and Social Service, Landstede Childcare, Recycling Company Noggus&Noggus, International Boarding School Eerde and Joan Cele Private Educational Institute); 5 businesses (Landstede Extraordinary Travels, Landstede Beauty & Fashion, Landstede Hair Styling, Noggus&Noggus and Landstede Restaurant); 15.000 pupils, students, and clients from companies and institutions; 1.350 paid employees; 1.100 volunteers.

Landstede provides services to the community, a necessity dictated by our vision as a company. The only way to do this is by playing an active role in it. Learning from practice and learning by practice. Being a part of society means cooperating.We do this through building relationships with companies and institutions who provide internships for our students.

With a few of these organisations such as Six Flags Holland theme park, Zwolse IJsselhallen, the VVV (tourist info offices) in Kampen/ Zwolle/ Overijssels Vechtdal and Broadcasting Zwolle, it is more than just an internship placement.We have the possibility to use each other’s expertise and services. We want to solidify these partnerships by creating a joint venture agreement together with a systematic approach to joint activities. This promises ‘added values’ for both partners.