Järvenpää Training Centre

Järvenpää Training Centre

Owned by the Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilitiesis an institute, which prepares the disabled for a profession and supplements their professional skills, Järvenpää Training Centre focuses on providing special training for the disabled and people with health problems. The programs of study offered by the Centre are particularly for people with physical disabilities as well as for young people and adults requiring special instruction or special studying conditions.

The Järvenpää Training Centre is a nation-wide institute, which follows the Good Rehabilitation Practice set by the Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilities. The practice emphasizes the continuous development of the quality of the rehabilitation services for the severely disabled. The Institute focuses on providing training for the severely disabled people on the basis of social challenges in our society.

One of the main tasks of the Institute is to work as a development centre of special instruction and education and offer special expertise.

The Järvenpää Training Centre provides excellent learning and working environment for upcoming students or teachers. Main focus is to create high quality print product by using the latest technology and knowledge.


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