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International on the job learning periods improves your students skills and motivation. Join us and get a chance to send your design, media and culture students and  professionals abroad to study or work or take part in ArtECult art exhibitions.

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Do you want to be part of our network? By joining you will get the chance to receive excellent students for on the job learning periods, take part to international seminars and also visit to our European partners. Please read more.

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For students ArtECult provides wide range of on the job learning places and contacts from all around Europe. There is also a possibility to join in our cultural art exhibitions with students very own artwork. Contact your schools administrator or international coordinator to find out more.

Latest news from ArtECult

Third week – Reykjavik

    It was my first week in the textile department. We started with print making. Apparently it is a new course for all of the students. The teacher really wanted us to have inspiration behind all of our works and show it on paper. It was quite difficult to gather all the information to […]

Fourth week in Budapest

Actually in the headline I confused the length of my staying here, so, I guess, it is the process of assimilation going on. As I mentioned this city is in my opinion similar to Saint-Petersburg with it’s realities, like beggars, homeless people, architecture, metro, trains, attitude to the people, difference between rich and poor and […]

Second week – Reykjavik

Throwing – Glazing – Drawing   This week has been full of new information. I started to develop in throwing since I got very good advises from the teachers. The key to throwing is concentration. It’s a slow progress but very rewarding. It has sense of peacefulness that I really like. Following how the clay […]

Third week in Hungary

Oh, was it really my third week here? Can’t believe that time flies so fast – seems I have arrived here yesterday and I still have a lot of time to discover not only the hidden gems of the city, but also professional photographer’s profession. But it is nearly a month left before my flight […]

First week – Reykjavik

  Greetings from Reykjavik, Iceland     I arrived here on Friday 3rd of November. The city has become very familiar to me as I have wandered around it kind of lot. Here is lots of public art, murals, sculptures and graffiti’s. Anywhere you can find a nice place to sit down and enjoy the scenery. […]