One Month Later..

It’s been already a month since I came to study at Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School in Latvia. My feelings are positive so far, since I’ve had a great opportunity to learn more about fine arts. Everyone has been kind and helpful toward me, and I’ve enjoyed living in the fascinating city of Riga.

This week I made a little progress in technical drawing lessons. For example, I understood the importance of horizon when drawing a scenery from one-point perspective. Technical aspect of drawing is sometimes difficult for me, but as  I understood how every line is going to the direction of the main point in horizon, everything started to become easier.

The other pleasant experience was when we drew round objects to practice circular movements. My drawing still needs some fixes but otherwise it’s going fine so far, I think.

Oh, and I also started a new work in painting lesson. I will post a picture of it when it’s finished.

What comes to my other projects, they are going slow but sure. I will continue with them as soon as possible. I will also write more about the wonders of Riga for there are still many interesting things to experience. There was a beautiful view of the Daugava, but I forgot to take a picture. Next time for sure!