My third school week in Latvia

My third week in Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School has went well. I have continued tasks from last week and finished some of them as well!

In my painting lessons I continued two paintings from previous weeks: the color-mixing task and the shading task. I am almost done with them, and I will start at least one new task next week.

Drawing lessons went also well. I finally completed my drawing of a bed sheet. I also managed to finish my newest drawing of two birds. I had to hurry at some details, but I was happy with the results.

The other drawing task that I managed to continue was to draw two nose statues, each from different angle. It’s close to be finished, and I like it so far. I would like to post the picture of the completed drawing soon.

Animation process has went slow but surely. I managed to continue my animatic storyboard and I also finished the main character designs. My plan for next week is to paint some background art and maybe start some animation as well.

My 3D project is good for now. My character has textures now, which I made by using a texture brush tool in Blender modeling tool. It was frustrating at first but slowly I got to understand it better. The textures of my character are free-to-use images from public domain websites, so no harm was done.

Here were the most important things about this week. I think there was some improvement, as I learned to understand how the shadows work against light. I also managed to work more efficiently without stressing too much.

This week I was a little busy but things are propably going to be calmer from now on.

I would like to dedicate one post to show you all my works so far! I think it would be best to do that at the end of my studies. Maybe week 9 could be good?