My Second School Week in Latvia.

My second week in Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School has went well. Now that I’ve gotten used to my weekly schedule, it’s easier to study along with other students.

After having drawn constantly for two weeks, I got much closer to understand the meaning of composition. Whether I was drawing head statues or school corridor, it was hard to measure and capture the certain distances on paper. But after doing more sketches and having some good advice from teachers and other students, I realized who much softer and balanced my drawings looked. That way I was also able to trust in my own drawing style, instead of being too careful and thus less productive.

I also continued one of my previous tasks, which was to draw a bed sheet. This was to practice the different shades of light and shadow. After drawing it for 4 hours, I was surprised how it looked better than I had first feared. I was happy to see improvement, and I will try my best to continue my process.


Even though it’s not complete, and there are some changes I need to do with the shades, I was happy to notice my improvement.


Painting lessons were also interesting, even though there weren’t many lessons this week. I continued to practice the usage and mixing of colors. I also started to make a painted sketch of certain objects. The main task was to paint the different shades using only black and white.  I might be able to have more painting tasks starting from next week.

My short animation project is going well. I finished the screenplay earlier this week and during our animation lesson I started drawing the storyboard with TV Paint Animator Pro. I first started drawing storyboard on paper, but then I made some re-drawings with TV Paint, and it was worth it. That way I could export my storyboard as a video file, which is very convenient. My plan is to finish pre-production stage soon and do some work in my free time, as well. I’m looking forward to next week!

We didn’t have a 3D lesson this week, but I met my teacher with whom I talked about the upcoming motion capture task. That was the same task I mentioned last week: we are going to make a short video clip with our own 3D characters by using motion capture technique (not to be confused with the short animation project I just mentioned). The teacher gave me some good advice that will help me to make the final preparations for my 3D character.

I also went to skiing with other students and teachers. It was a school trip to Baldone, a small town in Latvia, and it was about 34 kilometres from Riga to east. The ski resort was called Riekstu Kalns. It may have been small but there was a good variety of slopes for everyone, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. It was enjoyable to go to skiing first time in over ten years.


You could see very far away from the slope. Fascinating!


This concludes my report of this week. I will post some pictures of my works I have done starting from next week!