My final week in Latvia

It’s been one week since my school days in Janis Rosenthal Art School came to an end.

I managed to finish my 3D animated short I was working on. The final week was busy and frustrating because of it, but I was happy to do my best without giving up. Even though there still are some fixes I would like to make, I consider this animation project complete. Because this animation was one of my main objectives in there, I would like to show it to you:

“Into the Cosmos with You.”

During my final school day, I collected all the works I had done so far, and showed them to my teachers. It was clear to all of us all that I had improved very much in fine arts, even though I still wasn’t at the same level with other students. However, they were more than impressed when they saw “Into the Cosmos with You”, which made me happy.

Being here in Latvia has been one great lesson. The most important thing I learned was about recognizing the difference between failure and success. Even though you are not able to learn things as fast as you wanted, or even if you just finish your projects slower than anyone else, it doesn’t mean you have failed. I think that the only way to really fail is to just give up on everything without even trying their best. That’s why I believe I succeeded very well.

During my last week, I had a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of Riga one last time. It was sunny and bright. Spring sure is coming.

If you read this blog, thank you very much! And sorry for not being able to maintain some of my promises..

(Both of my 3D prints got broken, and I accidentally deleted some of my pictures I took here in Latvia..)


Thank you, and goodbye!