Logos and brochures

ArtECult logo

From here you can download our logos, brochures and other images. All files, logos, templates and graphics are copyrighted to ArtECult network and their owners such as students, teachers and other experts. *)

ArtECult brochures, posters and other marketing material:

Download ArtECult brochure

ArtECult brochure (PDF, A5, ready-to-print)

15x1515×15 art exhibition logotype. High-res logotype for printing 


ArtECult logotypes for web and printing:

JPG, 300 dpi, cmykHigh-res logotype for printing


*) ArtECult logotype, 15×15 logotype, ArtECult brochures and posters graphic design by Pete Alander, Järvenpää Training Centre/Bandmill