Last weeks GoBrave

I had tons of notes, but I made them into this sort summary for easier reading.

23.4. – 25.4.
I mostly spent this time animating miscellaneous scenes and making the text “storyboard”, not sure if it’s fine to call it a screenplay as it has no real “dialogue” in it

26.4. – 27.4.
Animating scenes and added a new scene to the project file to animate. Made a whale and rigged it as needed.
Also gathered some new ideas.

2.5. – 11.5.
Started working on the Beach scene, added a hurricane to it.
Made new buildings for the city scene.
Finished city scene.
Started working on the GoBrave scene.
One day had to wait for over 3 hours at the trainstation as the train was cancelled due to some “electrical fault”

14.5. – 18.5.
Finished rest of the scenes off, and did some final polishing to them.
Finished all the transitions, and did sound effects for the whole video.
Added ending text and animated it as requested.
Sorted all the project files and made them easily available for later use.
Final video lenght 1m26s


Also I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at GoBrave for being such a awesome company to work with. ^^