Last two weeks

I am already back in Finland but wanted to do a little summary on how my last two  week went in Reykjavik.

On fifth week I experimented a lot in the textile department. I got to learn new techniques in printing and got familiar with different materials. It was also a very busy week because we had a exhibit on Friday and all of us works needed to be ready since then. We used Photoshop to put our prints on clothing as they would be seen in the practice.


Sixth week was more relaxed. Other students worked on their portfolios but because I had done it already in Finland I used my time doing last minute glazing and photographing my works. It was a pit sad to know it was my last week there, time had went so quickly. Last week was also about getting know the country better. I went for little day trip outside Reykjavik to town called Hveragerði. There was lots of hot springs and valleys. It was a good day to visit there since the sun was shining and the wind wasn’t bad either.




I left with tons of new memories, I got to meet so many lovely people and got courage to continue working in the field in which i am interested in. I will always remember this journey with joy.


Thank you,

Riikka Tuomikoski