Last two weeks in Budapest

So, it is my last time when I am able to post something here, and that is a bit sad.
Now, being already in snowy and rainy and cold Finland, I am just wishing to go back, and to return to warm and more than sometimes sunny Budapest. I have met cool people, got opportunity to work with the incredible professionals and to look how it is in the reality, got opportunity to shoot concert and even got the invitation from the music band to shoot during their next concert. Sadly, I left several days before that.
There was a lot of work and so not enough free time. During free days and after sessions I was practically every second near the laptop, trying to edit as many pictures as were possible. As time was flying very fast, I tried to find time to visit Ludwig museum of contemporary art and once more to the Gellert Hill. Strangely and sadly, I haven’t found time to visit thermal baths, but I assume that during summertime visiting outdoor pools is definetely better!
Again we were shooting a lot of families – and it is still difficult for me to get used that as a photographer you just meeting new people all the time. But this practice was like a huge step forward to new me – more brave, more talkative, at least, I hope so. Everything comes with time and practice, so I will get better.
Learned about working with light more, practised another type of lightning here, and that also was great.
Learned more about working with people, about how to pose them.
Passed the exam actually. Conducted a portrait session during this exam. Was nervous and worrying, because practically all the time, while doing everything in front of several people makes me nervous and make me to hurry and to act funny or to make mistakes. All the time. Maybe this time was slightly better, as I was listening to Gogol Bordello at the time of the shooting and with the help of their music, I  was a bit more relaxed.
I am just so grateful to everybody with whose help this opportunity for me became possible. And, yes, I totally want to return back! Already miss Budapest!

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