Last Two Weeks i Latvia

The site was out of order for a while, so I’ll be covering both my 9th and 10th week in this post.

My ninth week in Latvia started off by my class taking a trip to Za?usala, or “Rabbit Island”, a little island on The Daugava river. We were there for the duration of our painting lessons that morning and obviously we were there to paint the scenery. It was a very fun little trip, I definitely enjoyed it a lot.

Besides that, the week (at school) was pretty much the same as any other week. I continued my works and still got some new homework to do from photography as well as from abstract composition. The photography assignment that I got was to take a photo series that consists of approximately ten pictures and tells a story. Now, I’m quite anxious about this assignment because I don’t consider myself as a much of a storyteller and I still don’t have any ideas for it. A friend of mine promised to help me with it though, so perhaps I’ll be fine. I’m also anxious about the abstract composition assignment which I can’t really explain because I’m not sure that I know myself what I’m supposed to do.

On my free time this week I’ve gone to the movies, gone shopping, met with friends, and gone out to eat at my favorite restaurant and spent time at my favorite cafe while I still can. Since this was my second last week (and my last weekend) here, I’ve been trying to do the things that I most enjoy doing here. All in all, I’m very happy to go home next week. It’s been a great experience but I do miss home and am very much ready to go back.


During my last week in Latvia I was pretty busy. I finished all of my homework and other previously unfinished works. On Thursday I had my works graded an got my Europass. On Friday morning I checked out of the dorm and left for the airport. Everything went smoothly and I arrived in Oulu at 2pm.