Kes külvab tuult, see lõikab tormi / Tartu, Estonia


Who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind

– Estonian proverb



Whew. Okay. A bit over two weeks have now passed since I packed my few earthly belongings and headed my way towards Tartu. After my arrival, everything seems to have happened at double speed. The people, the town, the new school – even the sweet and sunlit spring weather – keep constantly surprising me by bringing insane amounts of inspiring goods my way. I feel so lucky being able to continue studying this profession I’ve come to love during my first year in The Academy of Pekka Halonen in such beautiful surroundings.



The main project I am supposed work on during my six week-long exchange program in Tartu Art School is to produce works for my competence test in perception and expression taking place in my home school after the exchange period. Practically so far that has meant taking part in different lectures on sculpting, drawing and painting from living model at the school premises, and then, to gather as much visual material as I can get, filling my free time with different culture events in both Tartu and Tallinn from documentary movie festivals to nude model drawing marathons. Both methods have proven to be extremely fruitious – there have already been so many adventures we’ve encountered with my co-exchangee Jasmin, I can’t even begin to wonder what magic future holds. What a time to be alive (and distastefully cheesy!)!



The first place we visited in Tartu was the University of Tartu Botanical Garden (located at Lai 38).

Wow, what a start. It might have been a regular crisp spring day outside, but, oh boy, inside the air was so dense with humidity and warm temperature we felt like in a sauna the whole time. Compared to the greyish post-winter landscape outside, everything was suddenly so bright, vivid and living that we felt absolutely stunned. There were tons of beautiful, massive flora, such as decades old palm trees and a grand variety of colourful orchids, and living fauna from turtles to tropical birds and bright carp fish. We spent the afternoon strolling around the place, sucking in the miraculous life of different succulents in the top floor and decided to definitely come back for more drawing some day. Studying natural form and logic interests me a lot and I plan on working with it further in my assignment here.



I shall get back to more great places to visit, my school stuff and the comparison of Finnish and Estonian ways of living later in this blog.


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