It is already our last day!

Hello guys!

Ten weeks has passed quickly and we are ready to go home 🙂

What happened in  four weeks?

Well, we get to go to the school and we had this assignment to film architecture and make a video about it.
We filmed new architecture and old architecture and then we edited all of the videos, made voice over and put it all together. That was it 🙂 We had few weeks time to do it.

It was nice experience even though it wasn’t really interesting to me, because I like photographing and sound recording more. But it was nice. 🙂

We made a little trip to Saris. There is a castle on the top of a mountain. We walked there while it was raining 😀
The view was unbelievable. We could see little towns from there.

But now we have packed our stuff and we are flying home tomorrow. I miss Finland. I miss coffee and my bed and my friends.

It has been wonderful 10 weeks and I am very happy I came here. The weather has been nice, sun has been shining and it has been warm, like summer in Finland. Now we are coming in the middle of snow and sleet 😀

Thank you for these amazing ten weeks in Košice, Slovakia!

Thank you Košice and Ssuš Filmova 🙂