iceland – week three – working environment changes

Experimental knitting

During my third week at the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts I got to know the textile design department. This started with a lecture and a workshop held by knitting designer Stephen West. A lot of random knitting just for fun – with some very useful tips and a huge amount of inspiration.


Color palettes and moodboards

After this colorful start in the new department we continued with a course in color palette and moodboard creating, which was followed by some highly interesting lectures on trend forecasting, fashion, anti-fashion and some visits to museums and libraries.

I chose to focus on the visual inspiration I am surrounded with – Iceland. Here are some pictures I put together for each color palette: pastels, neutrals, brights and greys.

As everyone had chosen some pictures to work with, we continued creating a color palette and a visual story from the pictures chosen. Working with so many colors and pictures was a very inspiring and joyful experience.

After choosing the best colors for the four color palettes (pastels, neutrals, brights and greys) we mixed them with acrylics and together with other inspirational images, textiles and the chose pictures arranged them to a final moodboard and created some additional color palettes.
This color palettes and the moodboard will serve us in the coming course, where we will use it as an inspiration for our knitting designs.

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