iceland – week six – identity in creativity

Identity in creativity­­ – workshop with Gabriela Sanchez

Gabriela Sanchez y Sanchez de la Barquera a Mexican textile designer from The Netherlands. She came to The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts to introduce us to her projects, her work at Vlisco and her path in finding her identity in creativity. With different assignments, tough personal questions and many presentations we spent three days working on our identity in creativity. I learned a lot about how to find a way to present my work in a unique way and got encouraged in following my specific interests.

Knitting course

It was helpful to have this break from the knitting course, as it gave me a different perspective on what I am doing. I learned how to translate my inspirations and what I like to a new medium and way of thinking, that somehow had challenged me in a unknown way. Even though I would have loved to try nice fashionable things (my classmates worked on really nice knitting samples) – the fashion way felt quite uncomfortable. I tried to think of knitting as if it was painting or collage making, which suddenly opened more doors and aspects to the medium. 

Ceramics – casting

After the lessons at the textile department I continued working on my mold and casted some marbled porcelain cups. With every cup I got to know the material better. The finishing and the glazing after the biscuit firing was also a lot of work, but I was happy to try some of my own glazes on the white cups. I am very happy to return home with these nice souvenirs – just a little reminder of my great time here in Reykjavik.


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