iceland – week seven – final projects

The knitting course and exchange period come to an end

The final week at the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts was a busy one – we presented our final work on Friday. The experimental knitting had to result in three final knitting samples – using the same color palette. They had to be presented together with some sketching and inspirational pictures and a vision of how they the sample could be repeated and used on a bigger scale.

My project was all about my stay here in Reykjavik. Reykjavik is full of beauty and colors – I simply loved the inspiring environment, so I wanted to turn my experiences into knitts.


This pattern is inspired by the visit to the beach, I developed the pattern by sketching a shell and choose the colors for the sample from things I found at the beach. I used Icelandic wool and could imagine this to be a wall hanging or a pillow.




For this sample, I also used found materials such as roped and plastic bags. I got inspired by our view out of the window and the colorful front of The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. I like how the landscape turns into stripes, when only choosing a small part to look at. As it is mostly plastic, I imagine this sample to be a carpet or a wall hanging.



My favorite of the three samples is inspired by the very special houses here in Reykjavik and all over Iceland. It is also made from thick Icelandic wool and I think it would make a nice wall hanging.





This picture is from the presentation of my work on the last day of school. Grateful for these experiences, the inspiration and all the wonderful new
people I met I leave Iceland to return to my school in Finland. I will b missing this place – but am sure to return!