iceland – week four – sketches


The week started with a lot of sketching, both drawing and knitting. I started experimenting with different materials and yarns, to somehow capture the feelings of the moodboards and to get an idea with which final color palette I want to work with. With the color palette chosen, I sketched some patterns and tried how the details would look like with different yarns and materials.

I also learned how to use a knitting machine, which was quite exciting. It’s strange to start learning something completely new – a feeling I haven’t had in a while. Even though I love knitting, this is somehow way out of my comfort zone. Thinking of knitting in the way of designing something more than socks and mittens (which is what I have been doing so far) is completely new to me. I feel like I have to improve my technical skills as also my thinking in the conceptual way – the project should have a concept: it should tell story, have a clear color palette, three different samples that are different but speak the same language. These three final samples have to be illustrated with drawings, which show the bigger context and purpose


Stepping out of the comfort zone is of course a good thing, but also very tiring. That’s why in between all this lovely Icelandic wool I like to sketch whit other than yarn. I have been sketching my classmates, people at cafes and the environment. I feel like I connect to a place only, when I can somehow turn my experiences into drawings or collages. It has been nice to also integrate textiles and yarns into this.