iceland – week five – design talks

Portfolio course
This week we had a break from knitting – the week started with a short course in portfolio making, which was a preparation for a workshop in design. We worked on our designer/artist statements and gathered some old works for a small portfolio to present in the beginning of the workshop.

Inspiration from the beach
I went to the beach to get some inspiration for my knitting project. I collected a lot of shells, stones, seaweed, driftwood, plastic and ropes.

Design talks at Hönnunar March / Design March
We had the pleasure to join the annual event Design March which is  a design festival, that takes place in about 150 venues all over Reykjavik and lasts for at least four days. There are various events and exhibitions, but the highlight is a day with numerous Icelandic and international designers presenting their work – all about “Brut Nature”, which fitted my current projects perfectly. It was nice to see so many different attempts to get “back to nature” – some tried that by using raw materials or recycling, others used technology or virtual reality to reconnect people to nature. The day was also a lot about climate change, humanity, the circle of life and how these things touch and should be a part in design.