Halfway Through! (Fifth Week in Latvia)

Five weeks I’ve been here, five more to go! Time really flies so fast.

We had a sort of a test in painting on Monday and Tuesday. It was another still life, but this time we only had five hours to finish it, and I assume the others will have their works graded later on. On Tuesday we also visited an art exhibition at a museum. We had a guide but she only spoke Latvian. A classmate translated the main points to me after the exhibition though, and the context really made it more interesting!

We had another test – in drawing – on Wednesday and Friday. We had a total of four hours to draw a head statue. I’m not exactly happy with the result, but it is what it is.

I’m still far from happy with my two point perspective work in technical drawing but I moved on to the next work regardless.

For homework I was given tasks to make more sketches for abstract composition and to take some photos to practice the use of shutter speed and depth of field in photography. In addition to these new tasks, I’m still working on my painting for composition class. Sometimes it feels like I have very little free time between all of the homework, though it might just be that I take these tasks too seriously and worry about them more than necessary.

On Saturday I took a bus to Jurmala, to see the beach. It felt really great since I haven’t had the chance to see the sea in such a long time. I might visit the place again before it’s time to go back to Finland!