GoBrave starting weeks

6.3. I got introduced to the GoBrave building and some of the staff and I discussed what I will be doing during my internship with Karl. I really liked the building and everything about it.

7.3.-9.3. I mostly gathered ideas about the animation project I will be doing and figured out how I will be tackling it, making notes in the way.

12.3.-16.3. I started working on the storyboard, and had to struggle on getting Adobe Creative Suite to work as it had some problem activating products on my laptop. I also ended up getting a commuter ticket for SJ trains, but later found out it didn’t work on the trains I will be using to commute to GoBrave.

19.3.-23.3. I have a few styles of the animation almost ready to pitch, rough storyboard ready and I got the ticket fixed. (Had to get a different ticket from KLT (Kalmar Länstrafik) + There was a dog at the office

She was really cute