Fourth week – Reykjavik



Finally got to learn how the prints are made. It’s an interesting technique that occurs lots of steps.We used this special substance to paint the frames that we use in printing. Next we placed the frame with our works on this light box that makes the substance stick in the frame in parts that are not covered. So when we cleaned the frames the stuff came off leaving the pattern see-through. Now when I put paint over the frame its going to only stick in places where the pattern is open. Hard to explain but maybe the photos will help.

There is lots of possibilities in this technique which I really like.










It has been busy week since I have also been working in the ceramics department. I have been testing different glaces and practicing my throwing. Just when I thought I was getting better on it, it went downhill. I still have some troubles on centering the clay. It’s important when you want the piece to be compatibly even and  symmetrical. I hope that I could continue throwing a pit longer. I just have so little time left here so I want to learn as much as possible.