fourth week in wolverhampton

Dear readers


on monday l was told that l don’t sound like Kimi Räikkönen, witch l can really take as a compliment because that is probably one of my fears while talking in english. l also met a new volunteer coworker and she told me l can call her if l need anything or if l want to go somewhere and need to help finding there that was super nice of her and l am really grateful for all the help people have given me.

on Tuesday l was running little late for the first time, but l still made it on time before the place was opened. That day l got real plan where l was supposed to be. usually l have written to be all over, so l just wander around. but that day l was first couple of hours on the front door, lunch , upstairs (victorian and georgian rooms also chinese collection) then l moved downs stairs to puppet and wolf exhibitions. l was able to speak with many visitors many of them where curious about finland and what brings me to wolverhampton then l helped one lovely lady to take picture of her and wolf statues. she told me about birminghams bear challenge witch is very similar to the wold trial here.

wednesday was really quiet day so l ended up hearing more about the gallery and wolverhampton’s history and events from my coworkers. l also heard that in the balcony is a metal lam that is supposed to open up and reveal a wolf inside every time the ram klock goes of inside the building, but is has been out of order for sometime now.

Thursday l was told that next monday l can go working on the back of the house and l was given a paper full of tasks for the next week l am really exited. and l also met a new volunteer girl. and my supervisor asked if l could show her around. l agreed and then they went to write things down. at that time l got to conversation with my coworker and lost them so she was already shown her all rooms and told main details about the work. so left for me was to try to tell all the rest that was important to this job and where she could keep her belongings for the day. we also wandered around and got to know each others little.

Friday l had forgot to tell her where and how she would get in in the morning. but it was okay she managed to get in and we started the day. l introduced her to the other volunteers and they were able to tell more about this job and paintings and stuff over all better than l could. l hope she will have lot of lovely conversations with visitors. we ate together and got to know each others better  and had a laugh. l think it was pretty good week. l hope she has great time and that l had even some help to her to get started. oh and l also failed to keep visitors entering the toilet/use other toilets while coworker was changing the towels. ^^”

Weekend l was planning to go Birmingham and movies but l was too tired and the weather was pretty rainy so l decided to wait until next week ^^

Until next time…