Fourth week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week has contained great and not so great days. On Monday I walked around the Art Gallery and helped people to find what they were looking for, as I do on a typical working day. It was good day until I became really tired in the last working hours because I was becoming ill. I didn’t go to work on Tuesday and I felt really bad because of it. I felt like I had wasted a day.

Fortunately I was feeling much better on Wednesday so I went to work where I got to help with new exhibition. The exhibition is about 60s Art Nouveau designs and 70s psychedelic style. It contains posters, books, textiles, magazines and different kind of art work from those eras. I helped figure out a hanging mechanism for one of the shirts.

I have always wanted to see how exhibitions are built in large art galleries. I already had a lot of information about building an art exhibition, but I also learned a lot more. For example, the works of the exhibition are old and fragile, so you have to be very careful. I learned about the different ways in which they protect the artworks and objects. The whole exhibition is so beautiful with all its colors and prints, it might be my favorite so far. Too bad that I didn’t remember to take pictures..

(By the way, here’s my favorite painting in the Art Gallery!)

On Friday I was able to frame artworks for another exhibition. That exhibition also contains rugs of well known buildings. I had never seen artwork like that, I think they are so unique.

Even though I was a bit ill this week I had really fun and interesting week. I feel like I keep learning more about this job and about myself all the time. I keep getting more homesick everyday but at the same time my enthusiasm for working and learning grows.