Fourth Week in Latvia

My first month in Latvia has gone in a flash!

This week started with some painting lessons and computer graphics. In painting we started a new still life. After that it was time for my first lesson in computer graphics. Since I’m not very experienced in the subject I started off with a simple task of combining two pictures on Photoshop. Once I found a tutorial I managed to finish it pretty fast and I was dismissed.

The next morning I continued painting the still life for a couple of lessons, after which I had printmaking. In printmaking it was time to print my work. The first try failed, for there was too much ink on it. The next one was better, though the amount of ink was still pretty generous. After that I had composition. I showed the teacher my progress and she approved. She also showed us an animation and some photographs for inspiration.

On Wednesday I had drawing and photography. In drawing we started drawing yet another head statue and in photography I was told to do some research so that next week we could start planning some tasks for me (since now that the Belgian exchange students left I’m basically getting private lessons in photography).

In technical drawing on Thursday I finally realized what I was doing wrong and as a result the sketch is coming together at last. In abstract composition class I showed the teacher my drafts and was shown an alternative way of sketching. I decided to make some more drafts.

On Friday I had drawing, technical drawing, and sculpture, so I just continued my works from earlier.

On Saturday I took a bus to Valmiera. It’s a nice little city and it was great seeing more of Latvia!