Fourth Week in Emerald Island

So I’m soo late with this one so sorry about that. And didn’t do it at all last week xd. It was busy week, like applies to college started and and I had to check which college I wanted to apply and then the animation, new project to that it was nightmare.

Monday and Tuesday were busy days. Birgit the fourth girl in our apartment came at last here :). And we got new project to do same time as our animation. (nightmare if you ask me) We have to do logo for something. I chose Finland and hopefully I will get it done as my animation. And I suck at logos… I did get ideas that’s that. But because it has to be animation too, it is going to be little bit difficult to do.

Wednesday was busy day too. I did pre-task for one of the college which I have applied.

Thursday, Pekka arrived Ireland. Let’s see what he will make us do.  He did see us but was gone like lighting. Next day we talked about our projects. And thought about deadline, nothing was put in stone.