Fourth week in Budapest

Actually in the headline I confused the length of my staying here, so, I guess, it is the process of assimilation going on. As I mentioned this city is in my opinion similar to Saint-Petersburg with it’s realities, like beggars, homeless people, architecture, metro, trains, attitude to the people, difference between rich and poor and so on. As far as I remembered several days ago I used to take the train and then the underground, and after this I had to go by foot for some time when I was studying at the college in Saint-Petersburg. Now it is the same – all my way to the studio, and this makes everything even more familiar, apart the language of course. But maybe I should learn it and move here? Who knows..

This week.. I was free the first three days of this week, practically. On Tuesday I had photoshoot in one of a cakeshops in Budapest, and this was fun, because I love sweets, so it was like a paradise to me. Luckily the pictures were good, because I was worried at the beginning, because as I probably mentioned – it is one thing when you are doing everything for yourself, absolutely another when you are doing it for somebody..That’s very tough and you need to be patient and calm.

Thursday. If I’m not mistaken, as I’m confusing everything now it was a woman’s photoshoot. The next day I travelled by the newest undeground in Budapest, taking pictures, and then there was another part of a food photography – desserts, cookies etc..  Saturday and Sunday – family sessions.
This week wasn’t so tough, as I was sleeping better, probably not paying too much attention to the bells. But still I have more than 3000 of photos to edit and don’t have any time at all.
Still can’t imagine how photographers work, it seems to be very tiring and tough.

Photos, I will add later

Thanks for your attention!

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