First week – Reykjavik


Greetings from Reykjavik, Iceland



I arrived here on Friday 3rd of November. The city has become very familiar to me as I have wandered around it kind of lot. Here is lots of public art, murals, sculptures and graffiti’s. Anywhere you can find a nice place to sit down and enjoy the scenery. All houses have different colors and every one of them seems to be somehow unique. Windows are often decorated with art pieces, like ceramics. Cats wander around freely. Overall the city feels very welcoming.




About the school

I am studying ceramics and textile at The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts, Myndlistaskolinn. The week has been very interesting to me since we had the opportunity to learn 3D- printing  with clay. We have learned how to use the software and to understand how the machine works. I am happy to continue working with the machine but also I am going to get familiar with the traditional potter making. I am going to be working in the textile department later on.



The weather here has been very changeable. One day  there was a storm and apparently the flights were canceled because of that. Now the city is covered with snow. It gives some light to the mornings so I don’t have to walk to the school in the pitch-black. The temperature goes between +5 and -2. The wind from the ocean makes it feel a pit colder.

The school has amazing view to the ocean and mountains. The variability of the weather is shown clearly from the windows. There has been fog covering the mountains, rainbows, snow, rain and sunshine in just one week!

All in all Reykjavik has treated me well

~ Riikka